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Another time another
Life, perhaps it could have been
Something else, less yearning,
Less painful. How things turned out?

I would not have it any other


Aware of the
Snake and Her grasp; the
Venom on her lips, the
Poison on her tongue

I can not help but
Continue vampiric lusting,


Living in a time unlike
The present; for I feel

All but contention, happiness,


There Is No Reason To Sell Bitcoin

There Is No Reason To Sell Bitcoin.

There Is No Reason To Sell Bitcoin

There are three types of people in traditional stock markets:

Bears, Bulls, and the dishonest bastards (banking and otherwise, see Cyprus) at the top of the food chain that dominate the system (of government/economics). 

Let’s take the NYSE as an example. People may bid and they may ask for various stocks, which are tied to businesses, which are tied to other businesses and consumers, which are tied to the American people and others who buy from companies listed on the NYSE.

With Bitcoin, there is no need to sway people that trickle-down economics works (a major presidential election was based around convincing people that it worked — I am asking you, does/has it?). As it is a currency (more specifically, a way to store value against all other “good” currencies — which are backed by what? Gold? HAHA FUNNY!) appreciating in value daily why would anyone want to sell it? It makes me want to buy more — store my money in something that is controlled by nobody instead of somebody. As we all well know, somebody can be a greedy bastard.

Everyone tries so hard to fit traditional principles of economics to Bitcoin and every time I read someone’s “analysis” I can’t help but chuckle. It is in the best interests of people to hold Bitcoin because it is not tied to things of which people have control. 

This scares people in power. The people are inevitably going to control money as time goes on. How politics and economics change because of it will be an interesting thing to see.

Deny Everything

Accept nothing. You live but one life, cherish it and do what YOU want to do always. 

We only ask you do not harm others

Kindest regards,

Winston Smith

A Letter to Some Fucking Woman

Dear MB,

Don’t fucking contact me again. However, I’m glad I could help you escape your husband; I did not even have to fuck you. You thought I wanted that? How vain of you. Here’s some unsolicited advice:

Don’t be so manipulative under the guise of a feminist. You started this game. Maybe we could actually have been friends. Hopefully you learned something, perhaps why I don’t freely associate myself with self-proclaimed feminists (especially the ones who exclaim “I know I’m attractive”, implying you think all guys are sexually attracted to you. No wonder you worry not only about getting raped but being “sexually assaulted” so much; you’re so fucking vain. Have you tried telling people explicitly not to touch you, or tell them you are not interested in them? No, because then you’d feel lonely because you can not manipulate; such a shame).

You are not at the top of the pyramid. Nor are any of us. You have no right to abuse and manipulate men (and other women by extension) just as men have no right to abuse and manipulate women (and men by extension). You’re a feminist; I’m a humanist. You ask “What’s the difference?” as I reply “You can’t see the fucking difference because you’re focused so much on your problems.” You wonder why guys aren’t attracted to feminists? Gender equality can not be achieved by focusing on the issues of one gender, and fuck you for thinking it can.

As recommended previously, you should watch BBC’s Sherlock (season 2 episode 1) which even though I recommended it, you likely haven’t watched it yet because you care less for others and their opinions than yourself.

(I write poetry that would probably help you come to various realizations; I’d show you some but fuck you)

Your projected response:
“Wow, I received criticism; what do I normally do in these situations? I ignore it of course. I’m perfect.”
– Every “perfect” girl ever

If you can’t take criticism seriously and maturely you’re going to live a sad and lonely life, probably never to be happily married. I’m serious when I say not to contact me.

I thought you were intelligent…unfortunately I just see a tryhard manipulative bitch. (you can get mad if you want, as though my words actually hurt your ego-filled soul)

– Christopher Robin


A white heteronormative cisgendered CEO professor and Baptist preacher was teaching a class on Karl Rove, known Christian.

“Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Jesus Christ and accept that you too can become straight through daily prayer, self-flagellation, and eating Chik-Fil-A every day!”

At this moment, a brave, trans-Asian, self-diagnosed pansexual demiromantic vegan multisouled person who had been free of all animal products and only bought products at the local transgender co-op boldly stood up, holding a glass filled with some white liquid.

“Hey, Professor, what is this?”

The arrogant professor smirked like a rapist and smugly replied “It’s clearly milk, you crazy faggot. What the fuck does milk have to do with political science?”

“Wrong. It’s an all natural vegan soy almond kombucha latte. No animals or transpeople were harmed or raped in the making of this product.”

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and copy of the Wall Street Journal. He stormed out of the room, clearly planning some kind of rape. The professor realized that he had been playing into the hands of the kyriarchy of CEOs, investment bankers, the Religious Right, and psychiatrists. He then killed himself. The proper term for this is “trans-dead”.

The students checked their privilege, all diagnosed themselves with autism and gender identity disorder and joined the Gay-Straight Alliance. An obese trans-eagle furry otherkin waddled into the room and tried to perch upon the American Flag, bending the flagpole in the process. All parties involved gave up meat, Christianity, and the right to bear arms.

The students all lifted their glasses of soy fluid in a toast.

“That beverage’s name? Harvey “The One Percent” Milk.” said the vegan trans-autistic Korean.



“Pleasure is the Only Intrinsic Good”

Disprove this statement, or provide a sufficient counterargument relevant to the times and we will give you some (greater than 0.1) BTC.

We will be waiting.