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Greetings Anonymous

February 24, 2013

dear anon,

All is one and One is all. 

Lulzsec was important, and it still is. The underlying reason not shared is the same but we are entering a time when 1984 is being continually more and more relevant. 

In recent world news, many of us are scared that Winston Smith is going to be scared away from helping the world. The reason to be against SOPA/PIPA/CISPA’s 4/4/5 mantra should be clear. 

We are signaling the people of the world to use the universal sign 505 to declare they need help. A high five should suffice for mutual understanding and a basic level of trust between two humans as equal.

We ask the governments of the world to please, look at 1984 as the new age bible. Base one’s morals off what we do not want our collective future to be, for if we focus on avoiding dis/dystopia we may further societal development.

Kindest regards,

Winston Smith


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