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An Open Letter to Pendleton Ward

February 23, 2013

Mr. Ward,

We have the utmost respect for you. We believe you personally feel very trapped within your mind with respect to how to deal with women. Incidentally, your show Adventure Time has inspired us to explain to you an alternative viewpoint of love. 

In one’s own life, other men may be seen as incarnations of the devil and a god, raging inside one’s self. Let us take a look at the woman’s point of view. 

Women would not like to marry a devil; they will not agree to marriage if your character is so flawed. If you believe enough in one’s self and the hygiene of the self (to whatever standard “women” see fit”) it is possible to show them the true self by expressing one’s love for them as an individual. 


Within the most recent Fionna and Cake episode, Mr. Ward’s character is personified as the Ice King. We see it as a cry for mental help. We only wish to explain an alternative viewpoint to women in how they would like to be treated. Although Women’s Suffrage was a great step in the direction of women, we must keep in mind for future generations any further legislation must be created with their best interests in mind. 

Kindest regards,

Winston Smith


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