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I live in America but Fuck This Government

Congress is where a whole bunch of people with small penises/no penises get together and tell everyone else with big/small/weird/lopsided/whatever penises/no penises what to do with their lives.

Roughly paraphrased, of course. This is why it’s important to have a black president now and hopefully a woman president in the next few terms.


The All-Seeing Eye

The idea of an all-seeing eye is interesting (Eye of Sauron, for instance) because it is powerless if everyone speaks nothing but truth.



“Do a good turn daily”

If anyone ever feels a need to tell someone about the good deeds they’ve done, then fuck you. ❤



The stupidest thing I do is try to justify my actions to myself. Why do I need to justify what I do to you? Then why do I have to justify them to me?


Being afraid of the answer is not a good enough reason to not ask a question.


Love to all and all to none.

Another Bitcoin Post: On Futures

To the bitcoin community, anonymous or not:

Traditional economics says “Buy low, sell high”

Bitcoin economics says “Buy whenever, then keep or spend it however you’d like”